What to expect

We are glad that you are considering visiting us at Branches Church Fullerton. Here's what you can expect at one of our typical morning worship services:

  • Time: We begin our worship service at 10:15am. We encourage you to arrive early for some coffee, fellowship, and preparing your heart for worship. 
  • Liturgy: Our service begins with a call to worship, the reading of Scripture accompanied by occasional  reader response whereby the gathering of saints participates in the reading led by a Pastor. Traditional and contemporary hymns as well as Psalms are the general selection of songs. Before the sermon, the Pastor or one of the men leads the congregation into a time of confession of sin and assurance of forgiveness through faith in Jesus. 
  • Preaching and the Lord's Supper: The sermon is around 45 minutes, and afterward, we observe the Lord's Supper (Communion) weekly.
  • Family integration: We love having children during the service and do not mind a bit of noise. However, if your child needs a place for extra noise making or to roam about during the sermon, the foyer is available with video and audio streaming.
  • What to wear: You will find that people at Branches typically dress casual. 

We invite you to come and worship our Triune God with us!