Pastor Israel Gomez

I'm Israel Gomez and by God's grace I am the Senior pastor of Branches Church Fullerton. I've been married since 1999 to the love of my life Becki Sue, and together we have two children Trinity and Abram. Becki and I met in Fullerton, were married in Fullerton and both received our undergraduate Degrees from CSUF. We love North OC and feel we are called as a family to serve in North OC with the love of Jesus Christ, as long as He wills. I've served the church in ministry since 1996, I graduated from Talbot School of Theology in 2005, was examined and ordained for gospel ministry in 2007, and have served as a pastor in three churches, which were invaluable training grounds for all the areas of my life, including spiritual and relational.

We love to have fun as a family and our interests are many. All of us enjoy the beach and local mountains because we love drinking in God's creation as a family. And as far as hobbies go, the Gomez family is comprised of artists who try their best to make cool stuff.  

Personally, I'm a man who is in love with the Bible and with studying historical theology; you also might find me surfing, doing pottery, or getting a little exercise at Combat Submission Wrestling (in Fullerton).

Pastor Josh

I'm Josh and I am married to my wife Jane since 2007. We have four wonderful, adventurous, rowdy, and they-grow-up-so-fast children.

I was first ordained as a pastor at Son Rise Christian Fellowship in Fullerton, California in 2007, and obtained my Master's of Arts in Theological Studies at Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary in 2013, and am currently pursuing my second Master's (M.Div) at IRBS Theological Seminary. 

I am a follower of Jesus, who first loved me and freed me from my sins by his blood (Revelation 1:5), I love my wife, I adore my children, I am committed to the Church and its role of expanding the kingdom of Christ to all the nations, and I deeply enjoy hanging with friends and strangers as we listen to one another's stories. 

Soli Deo Gloria