Pastor Israel Gomez

I'm Israel Gomez and by God's grace was sent out by the Pacific Church Network to plant a church of which continue to serve as Senior pastor. I've been married since 1999 to the love of my life Becki Sue, and together we have two children Trinity and Abram. Becki and I met in Fullerton, were married in Fullerton and both received our undergraduate Degrees from CSUF. We love the city and desire that the Lord Jesus Christ would save His people. I've served the church in ministry since 1996, I graduated from Talbot School of Theology in 2005, was examined and ordained for gospel ministry in 2007, and have served as a pastor in three churches, which were invaluable training grounds in service of the Lord Jesus.  

My delight is in the law of the Lord and He is my meditation. My hope is that as the Lord brings you among us that you would believe in Christ. 

Pastor Joaquin

Pastor Joaquin is an external elder. We are grateful for the sister church he pastors and for his labor to serve us. 

So what is an external elders? 

In the case where the total number of elders drop below (3), and there are no qualified and willing men to serve, then temporary external elders may be established to advise and provide wisdom to the remaining elder(s). Temporary elders shall be comprised of men who satisfy the qualifications for the office of elder set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus1:6-9.  Also they must be either a pastor or an ordained minister from another congregation of like faith and practice. 


We believe the use of external elders is consistent with the teaching found in the 2nd London Confession of Faith of 1689 (26.15), which states:


"In cases of difficulties or differences, either in point of doctrine or administration, wherein either the churches in general are concerned, or any one church, in their peace, union, and edification; or any member or members of any church are injured, in or by any proceedings in censures not agreeable to truth and order: it is according to the mind of Christ, that many churches holding communion together, do, by their messengers, meet to consider, and give their advice."