Vendor Information

Saturday June 19, 10am - 5pm

  • Hello Hucksters!

    The Huckstery is a little over a month away and we're excited.  I wanted to touch base and send you a few reminders as well as the layout for that day (see below).

    Most of you look like you've done craft fairs before and that's great, but for those of you that may be a bit new, these are some recommendations.

    What you will need for that day;
         a. 10' x 10' tent/easy-up
         b. table/s for your product if needed
         c. chair/s for you
         d. water bottle - although the plan is that the Branches Booth will be selling drinks
         e. backdrop for your tent to separate you from the food trucks (row A), from other vendors      
             (rows B and C), or from parked cars (row D)
         f. decorations!  The more decor the better :)
         g. rug/mat - the ground is gravel/old pavement

    All of you should have received images to post on social media. If you have not received them, message me @Branchesfullerton on Instagram and I'll send them your way. Your advertising is a huge part of the success of The Huckstery. Please post multiple times during the next month. Branches has paid for month long advertising on FaceBook, posted to Instagram, posted on OC Calendar online, printed a 12' x 8' banner, and printed 2,500 postcards to be handed out at stores all around Fullerton. If you would personally like to pick up some postcards to handout, message me @Branchesfullerton on Instagram or email me

    All vendors need to arrive starting at 8am to set up.  Set up should be complete by 9:45am or earlier.  We are asking all vendors to park in a separate parking lot (which is not far at all) after you have unloaded.  You will be directed the day of.

    Click below to familiarize yourself with your location for that day.



    We look forward to having all of you.

    Becki Gomez