Events for 2019

  • Day Of Music June 21 (Save The Date)

    We are so glad that we will be a location for Day of Music.  Details are coming.

  • Marriage Matters

    Conference September 14 (Register Today)

    Stay Tuned for Details.  (You don't want to miss out. We will be opening this up to other churches so when we ask you to sign up. Do it before it fills up.)


    The conference will explore the strengths and challenges of personality styles in marriage. Each of us brings a unique way of being into our marriage. Sometimes we find that our way of being connects with our spouse. Sometimes it feels like it collides with our spouse. Making the most of one’s marriage means that I understand who I am, the strengths I bring to the marriage relationship, the challenges that can lead to isolation, and how to mix well with my spouse (whose personality style might be very different from mine). 

    You will hear practical tips as well as general principles in growing closer to your covenant partner. You will laugh. You may even cry. But you won’t leave the same as when you came! 

    What is required to make the conference meaningful:

    Take the WEPSS Profile at ( It is $10 per person. If you already have one just bring it.

    Registration includes tickets and your lunch.

    Purchase Tickets Here

  • Man Camp October 3-4 (Register Today)

    Men REGISTER HERE TODAY and plan to come to Man Camp in the Fall.  It's worth your time.  Man Camp is at Pine Summit Big Bear Lake. Click on link for details