Twigs Service - 4/4/2020

How To Worship With Your Children In This Temporary Season

Parents, we ask that you go through the following flow with your children. If you are able, there is a packet that is available to download below that will be referenced later.

Download packet


Begin by praying for your children, asking the Lord to give us attentive heart


Today we will watch a video explaining our next letter, “J”, which stands for “Justification.”


For younger children, we recommend printing the coloring pages. For older children, they can color and also answer the application/Bible study questions (2 pages). If you were unable to print out the questions, they are provided below.

  • Explain the legal declaration of justification.
  • How can a person be justified?
  • What is an appropriate response when a person truly understands justification?
  • Read Romans 8:26-37 three times. Before God saves a person, what is their legal standing before God? How can a person gain a declaration of righteousness before God?